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WW3 planned by the powers that be

These are indeed frightening statements coming from the queen of england. Not frightening however if you have a relationship with God and his son Jesus. The queen states about the "new dawn" we will all wake up to after going through "the blackest of nights." Take it as you will, these things do not sound promising. At all. I wonder what got her upset.(special thanks to kinnigan 2.0)

Astana, the new silk road

(hehehe....article may have been removed) The capital of kakhistan, astana, which for some reason is said to be the very capital of the new world order and illuminati, is full of sun worship and illumination symbolism. There are plans in effect to make the city the "new silk road". It will be a nexus of trade between europe, china, russia, iran, pakistan and india with china having a huge participatory share.

Donald Trump's assassination predicted?

The illuminati card game would be assumed by many including this author/editor to foreshadow world events and agendas by taking a comical look to their realities. One of the most well known of them as of late features an image of a strong male figure that resembles our current president. The card itself uses the ingame situation of assassination of a prominent figure. Many would argue that this indeed foretells of our current president's assassination. I could be wrong but i dont think that it necessarily means this but it does at least insinuate of anti trump activists. I dont have the trump card in TCPress stock but i do have hillary in the store. Eh. Enjoy the article.

Trump tweets of strikes on syria

Its getting real out there yo. Could this be just saber rattling or more of a precursor to the end times. Many would argue that the alliance between russia, syria and iran points to the Ezekial 38-39 prophecies. THese are indeed rumors of wars as the Lord Yahshua(Jesus) warned us of. Whos going to step forward to attempt to initiate peace between these nations? (1 Thessalonians 5:3)