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Third Temple Coin Features Trump

This coin was released in February featuring president Trump alonsiide of King Cyrus. Could Trump be helping them to rebuild the third temple?

Bush/CIA vs John Lennon.

This is completely in theory and up to you if you decide to beleive it. Personally, I do believe it or at least there is something to the story but I think that if he would have stayed away from the industry he would still be alive. This article is actually where i first discovered the term tavistock institute and its impact on worldwide and national social engineering. The reader should do research on tavistock.

Bones of Giants

Here are some articles from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century about giant skeletons found from various places in the united states and worldwide. Could these be the giants spoken of in the days of Noah? Heres one inparticular from cincinatti, Ohio. https://encyclopediaancientgiantsnorthamerica.blogspot.com/2016/10/giant-human-skeletons-uncovered-in.html

first sacrifice at temple mount in 2000 years

this event is significant in biblical prophecy. While the temple is not reported to be comple,This is the first sacrifice to occur at the temple in 2000 years. It has already led to palestinian protest. Once the temple is opened then according to scripture there will be seven years until christ return. Once ritual sacrifice begins for that temple then it will come to cease by the hands of one of the antichrist rulers. Daniel 9:27 (Turn to Jesus while you still have time).

A.I. studies done in canada to access our memories

More brain invasion. Here they hope to have access to your memories just to be able to supposedly catch the bad guys. EEG or electroencephalography being studied and worked upon in canada. So there it is. The technology to be able to access your dream states has been surpassed. Its now your very precious memories of your past. With this power, whats to stop evil people from accessing your very soul? While these are fascinating technologies, we all need the full armor of God to withstand these spiritual attacks. ephesians 6:11-18

Samsung Unspoil me product erases your memory

Here is an article ive found on the vigilantcitizen.com website. It writes about the new product from samsung called the "unspoil me" project. This product actually erases your memory through hypnosis so that you may be able to watch a television program or movie for the first time.... again.....huh? come on people. Dont fall for this one. Dont give these corporations more access to your brain. scary things people will do just for entertainment.

Thought monitoring is not just possible.....

this is an article on neural dust released by darpa themselves. This is to show that targeted individuals are not crazy as many would say but are correct when they explain to others that their thoughts can and are very likely being monitored 24/7. FYI: its probably happening to you too and you dont know it....lol

Honey and Cinnamon Benefits

Here is a health article that may help you heal and feel good.