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Rise of Skywalker Analysis

This could have been a great article on the rise of skywalker film, but i wrote it in a couple of hours while drinking some cheap whiskey. Hm. Just like the disney trilogy could have been a better saga. Sorry but this movie did not have a satisfying conclusion for me. Some good moments but oh so many plotholes.

Get fit in three months for five minutes a day.

this is an article and blog post on the above stated. While i have only been trying this method for almost two months so far and it has gotten me the most results.

Hegalian Dialectic

this article is for anyone who does not know what the term hegalian dialectic means. There are numerous videos and plenty of articles online and this will be one to add to the thunderchief press collection. refers to the particular dialectical method of argument employed by the 19th Century German philosopher, G.W.F. Hegel ,

Masters of Deceit - Book Review

Masters of Deceit is a descriptive expedition describing many of the smaller aspects of communism. MOD is what i consider to be a historical reference book written by J. Edgar Hoover. It is communism successfully theorized by its polar opposite.

United Nations & Feminism -Gillette Ad

Here is the article for the latest video. Not much, just a thought on the united nations gender equality agenda. Also a little rant on the gillette ad. check out the video on youtube.

The Spark - Movie Review

Wassup TCPress subs? Just wanted to put the review for the spark up on the articles page. I have been busy working so things are a little hectic around here. getting mobbed at work and close to acting out. its like getting bit by a snake at times. this seems to be my only outlet. Going to lay down some tracks soon hopefully tonight.