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December 31, 2018 Illuminati and CFR - Myron Fagan
Writer - TCPress

I just uploaded a reupload of the audio recording of Myron Fagan in dealings with the illuminati and the CFR on the youtube channel TCPress. It was recorded in 1967. I dont remember any talking points at the moment and i want to get this out before new years day. but i downloaded this because i wanted it part of my vaulted series. Not sure where im going to go with that but it could be something we will work on down the road. hopefully.
so from what i have gathered from this research escursion is. . . . It is a transcript of an address by Myron C Fagan. a pioneer conspiracy scholor Fagan describes the birth of the illuminati, the house of rothschild, the protocols of zion, and how weishaupt, the founder of the illuminati had using the term "goyim". and that may the first is the celebration of baal/bealtine
weishaupt ordered illuminists to ilfiltrate into the lodges of blue masonry. - fagan
Reading this as a document is much better and i felt like i was reading a truther history book. Warning: spolers ahead. The house of rothschiled sent jacob shiff to the united states in order to "achieve a one world government." carrying out four specific assignments. One of them being to create a movement to destroy religion in the united states with christianity the chief target.
the united nations cheif objective of a one world government means, one world laws, one world court, one world schools, and a one world church without christianity. and a United nations charter excplicitly banning god or jesus christ.
"does your pastor subscribe to that? Find out!" - Fagan
Schiff turned to John D Rockefeller who turned to a christian minister named dr. harry f. ward to set up the methodist foundation of social service. harry ward would train pastors there to subtly and craftily preach to their congregations that the entire story of christ was a myth. to cast doubts on the divinity of christ and christiianity as a whole. The methodist foundation of social service is now currently known as the national council of churches
harry ward was a founder of the amercan civil liberties union, a notorious pro communist organization
so yeah there. thats some of the talking points of this document. There are more interesting facts and talking points but i would ruin it for you. This wannabe blog post was just a test to do what im going to do in the future. If you end up looking at this blog post then you should go straight to the youtube video if you so desire to check out this document.
if you would rather read it, the best link to the entire document is.....
right here www.biblebelievers.org.au/illuminati.htm
here is the youtube video if you would rather listen.

why did i upload this to youtube. not only for content but for reference also. try maybe yourself to get an audio copy of this if you do. thanks for checking out the video and supporting TCPress

happy new year or end of holiday season or q4 tax period. i might have a drink tonight for new years eve but i dont think im going anywhere. off to next project or maybe some warframe. i dont beleive its really new year. but have fun out there and stay safe if you do.