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September 25, 2019

Get fit in three months for five minutes a day.
part one writer- TCPress

this is an article and blog post on the above stated. While i have only been trying this method for almost two months so far and it has gotten me the most results. I have been working towards the shortest routine that i can find and these are the best exercises so far. i will be updating this in the future and im not doing pics as of yet because i really am not showing serious definition at the present time. one more month should do the trick. i can see some progress ,. This method is perfect for those on the go. the excercises target the four most important yet problem areas to appear and be more fit. pectorals, abdomens. upper and lower back muscles. Before i give you the exercises i want to discuss something important. diet. i dont want to tell you what to eat but choosing healthier foods is always a positive goal.
diet-you dont have to follow it strictly but this is the core
dry blueberry or berry cheerios (no milk) and coffee, biscuits w/cheese, granola or cheap protein bars, lunchables($1 at local grocery) carrots and celery,blue diamond almonds,jello and pudding, water or flavored tea replaces sodas, your favorite soups. chocolate the exercises - - if you havent been doing any pushups lately you probably dont have the strength to do five. start off with the minimal amount that you can do and increase daily. your goal is two reps of 20 a day. same with situps. also with your reps. start with one if you have to.
monday thru friday -
one rep 20 - pushups - self explanatory 20 -situps - self explanatory 40 seconds. -cross legs (each side) - lie on your back, lift up one knee and cross it over your other leg. hold for forty second goal. do same with other knee. 50-military presses and/or angel flaps- can be done sitting down. military press - hold both fists on side of head. lift up to the sky and pump imaginary iron until you can feel the burn. angel flaps - lift up both hands over your head and bring both down to your side.
i will post more results in further months.
thank you for your interest