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December 24, 2019

Rise of Skywalker Analysis
writer TCPress

I don’t want to go into too many details because it would take WAY too long to do it in one night or even in one article. About this movie, Its pretty much all been said. Just do a simple search on youtube and you will find unlimited plot holes and whatever. I just felt that I had to do this first of all for the website and second because I wanted to challenge myself. . Personally, I don’t feel cheated out of anything (even money) because I wasn’t expecting much out of it anyway. I wasn’t going to see the movie at all because of the agendas pushed in the previous two films. I just wanted to have a good time with friends that invited me. Also this review.
As much as it was a middle finger in the face of the last jedi, it had more plot holes than any of the three disney movies.
It is blatantly obvious to most that critique the average film with absolute scrutiny that this movie and the other two disney star wars films that there are several agendas pushed. That’s a good thing I believe that all films are critiqued in this manner. You want to just enjoy a good flick but at the same time you cant just do that with any medium nowadays. The agendas are there unfortunately. Was this a good film? It was if you don’t question anything about the programming and don’t question things at all.
It is not only obvious that a feminst agenda is pushed in Force awakens (which we could have let go- force awakens could have been the springboard for an awesome trilogy) but they admit to it with pictures of her and other females wearing “the force is female” shirts. Anyway, -fast forward to a few months ago. George Lucas was called into helping out with the rise of skywalker and he did. Helped with the script and added a “secret skywalker”. After he helped out with the production all that work they just decided to throw it out. They didn’t want it. Plus, they decided to let George Lucas know that they would appreciate his support of the film be “in silence.” (they didn’t want him there)
I also want to add that I did notice in this film that during the final space conflict, the new rocketeer looking character said, “out of the way SKY TRASH” Sky trash? This is blatantly obvious of their agenda to destroy the character of luke skywalker to throw it in george lucas’ face.
Did anyone notice that with these disney films and the mandalorian that the guys are always incompetent and getting their ass kicked, then the females come help out and save the day? No problem with it if its not being done repetitively.
Adam Driver’s a good actor. His performance was amazing. He really matured into the character. He is really a good actor. The others were good as well. I even started to like Rey’s character despite the ridiculous God like powers that she has. Which brings me to force healing.
While its an interesting power to have in gaming. I don’t think that it works in movies or fictional storytelling. Where’s the weight of emotional investment for the death of a character when you can just bring them back to life. Every now and then maybe at the cost of something serious to the character. But three or four or five times in a story.? Blah!!! Do you think they are making her out to be a female Christ?
Lucasfilm has plans to create a tv series or movie revolving around Luke Skywalker. I believe this is being done to cover the proverbial arse. If they end on the rise of skywalker then fans are just going to stop caring. At the time of this writing, It is less than a week from its release. Already there have been more than 20-50 plot holes discovered. There will be more, but This is a good thing. Because we should always question things. Enjoy the ride but after the ride is over. Always ask yourself, “why are they telling this to me?” Personally I just want the star wars skywalker series to be over with. This movie should have been called episode 9: Just make it stop already.

Well I dont want to ruin the movie for you (I enjoyed the experience despite the obvious plot holes) but if this article does anything I hope that it inspires you to question things that you watch and to at least listen to others that do.
Hope your holidays are good.