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December 24, 2019

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
writer TCPress

Hello to anyone still keeping up with this page. I've been really busy. Just wanted to throw this on here.
I read the book "silent weapons for quiet wars" . And I'm going to place it here to be available for anyone to download.
There isn't much for me to say about the document that isn't already been said. If you don't know about it or have not read it, feel free to download it. It's a quick read.
What is it? It's about a fifty page document that was found in the 70's on a printer found somewhere at a garage sale or something. It was written by an anonymous CIA electrical engineer and it was about the use of Money, media and other techniques used on the american and world population. You. A war on You. Go ahead and give it a download.
This document was written some time in the sixties and the techniques are being used against us today.
Link is right here.