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March 4, 2019
The Spark - Movie Review
writer - TCPress

Wassup TCPress subs? Just wanted to put the review for the spark up on the articles page. I have been busy working so things are a little hectic around here. getting mobbed at work and close to acting out. its like getting bit by a snake at times. this seems to be my only outlet. Going to lay down some tracks soon hopefully tonight.
THe spark is an independent arthouse style landmark piece of cinema. Immpeccably executed by writer, director, actor, Steve Schellen and amazing cinemetographer Maggie Sullivan. The lead role of micheal is gripping while the supporting cast is beleivable and fits together comfortably. if your a targeted individual you definately want to see it. if youre not it will explain from a cinematic perspective what we as targets go through. the main character in the movie is micheal, who was a photographer for an advertising agency based in france. . most of the shots and scenes in the movie are edited in non linear. in other words not in order this isnt too distracting but you might have to watch it more than once to figure some things out . it took me a while to figure out why. but its kind of understood in the ending twist which im not giving away. in any case, it makes it kind of art house independent feel, its hard to describe a targeted harrassment campaign to someone that hasnt experienced it, but this movie does a good job of it. we pretty much have all of our targeted individual terms and symptoms covered. voice to skull, darpa, basic gangstalking, following, darpa, electromagnetic frequencies, nsa, cloning, red pills, brianmapping. our main charrcter micheal is also honeypotted once and seduced another time on the train by a female gangstalker. or does she have something to do with the final twist. on a train - female in sexy leggings, another seduction he does his best to ignore her.....she seems to be a survelillance agent as with all textbook targeted campains, he is made to appear to be crazy, really cant say enough about the film. buy it buy it buy it. link is below.


also check out the review on the youtube channel if you havent already.
thanks out there for the new subs!!!
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