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Welcome to Thunderchief Press

This page is for the original works released by Thunderchief Press. Ordering hardcover or paperback novels may take 1-2 weeks for delivery as I have to order them from a third party. These are the first two installments of the Dominions: beta series. There is one more installment that will be released probably next year.

World of Furos Ebook Set HERE

Introducing the first installment of the Dominions: Beta series. World of Furos!
(officially released in 2016.)
Welcome to a world where built upon disaster ruin and dystopia, where elite soldiers control all of its corners and is ruled under one emperer. As he tries to bring his only love back from the grave. His tyranny is challenged by a renegade star pilot who takes an illegal journey there while paying a visit to a newfound friend. When he arrives, he is welcomed by an intriguing adventure in a despotic technocracy ruled under a dark minded, evil emperor. Can he survive the grip of tyranny imposed on the populace of the planet and escape the brutal dystopia of the world of furos?

Escape to Nemah Ebook Set HERE

The sequel and second installment of beta series officially released in 2017.

Escape To Nemah!

As the resistance decimation leads to marching victory hymns sung by the brutaility of the steel fist regalia, a barbarian warriro rises to protect his tribe against vexian allied rivals on a distant planar surface. meanwhile, what little remains of the resistance bands attempt their escapes from the unjust world brought into being by the power hungry emporer known as furos.

Third installment is scheduled for next year and will close out the beta series, then moving onto alpha. Ebooks are available on our home page. If you would like hard copies there are available on amazon. If you buy ebooks from the shopping cart your files will be emailed promptly. Best bet is to get them from the home page links. or right here. thank you for your interest!. take care god bless

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