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Net Jet is a Windows PC-based game system introduced by Hasbro in 2007. It is currently discontinued. Grab this before its gone. I havent opened it and it looks like a decent gaming system for kids. It features bubble bonanza.

Netjet Online Gaming System

$ 20.00

Item#: NJ-1

In Stock: 1

Shipping/Handling: 5.00

Near Mint Condition. This is the Hillary Clinton card released in the 1994 edition of the Illuminati Card Game. Im throwing in Dan QUayle card. ALso in near mint condition. Ive seen the Hillary card go for 110 on ebay.

Hillary Clinton - Illuminati Card Game

$ 50.00

Item#: HC-1

In Stock: 2

Shipping/Handling: 2.00

Near Mint Condition. This is the network set as promoted on the video channel. It includes the following cards. Network, eliza and hackers. One left of these in stock and there is no price listing for Eliza. Network and eliza gives you extra turn.

Network, Eliza and Hackers - Illuminati card game

$ 45.00

Item#: NE-1

In Stock: 1

Shipping/Handling: 2.00

This is an unlimited chaos orb that sells for 1500 dollars. It has slight wear on the edges. It was given to me in that case from a carnie named "phish".

Chaos Orb (MTG Unlimited)

$ 597.00

Item#: CO-001

In Stock: 1

Shipping/Handling: 0.00