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Masters of deceit is what i consider to be a historical reference book written by J. Edgar Hoover. Its basically communism theorized. Im selling at 50 dolla because i have only one and its a copy from 1958 that was once from a local library. Ive skimmed through an d can say at the least that it would be a great addition to a truther book collection. Once its gone its gone for good . Only one copy left!

Masters of Deceit, 1958

$ 50.00

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This i would imagine is incredibly boring. Unless you are a feminist hardcore. Its really only a diary and im selling it for ten dollars to get it out of my stock. No one wants to read this. But you really cant deny anyone their right to create literature. I will not be doing a review on this book. Sorry. If anyone else wants to do that I would be happy to feature it in the TCPress book review section of the website.

Making of a Feminist (Hardcover)

$ 8.00

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Paul Smith - Back cover: "From behind the cloak of U.S. military secrecy comes the story of Star Gate, the project that for nearly a quarter of a century trained soldiers and civilian spies in extra-sensory perception (ESP). Their objective: To uncover the secrets of America's enemies using a skill called "remote viewing." Assigned to the remote viewing unit in 1983 at a pivotal time in history, Army Major Paul H. Smith served there for the rest of the decade, witnessing and taking part in many of the seminal national-security crises of the twentieth century." ISBN-0-812-57855-4

Reading The Enemy’s Mind

$ 20.00

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